Side Projects

I do enjoy writing and am trying to branch out, little by little. I think this blog can both serve as both my practice grounds as I continue to find my voice and also as a launching pad onto bigger and better things (eventually). This section is meant to serve as a portfolio of sorts and also gives any curious fools out there a chance to see what I’ve been up to.

This is where it all started (officially). Kevin Balance launched this juggernaut back in August of 2011 with the debut issue. I contributed my very first article for it in the Nov/Dec 2011 issue, and have been a regular contributor for the magazine since then. The website went live at the beginning of 2012, and Kevin brought me on as web director. This has greatly increased my responsibility and broadened my experience. Instead of just writing an article every month or two, I’m now sourcing material for the site, editing, writing my own stuff, and then producing video content. Along with those duties, I help Kevin maintain the Facebook, Google+, Youtube, and Twitter accounts by posting anything that I think will be interesting to our readers and responding to questions, comments wherever necessary.

Here is a list of my content for Level Renner:

Website Blog: there’s too much there to list (although you can find every post here), but what might be of most use and interest are the workout pieces called Negative Splits. We typically publish those once a week, and you can find (and celebrate) the entire catalogue here. They offer great firsthand accounts of killer workouts done by some of the regions best runners (including Olympic Trials qualifiers and even an Olympian).

runners-connect-banner-12.19.12I started helping out over at RunnersConnect recently, doing quite a few of the same things I’m doing for Level Renner. There’s less writing involved in that role but a heavier emphasis on the social media aspect of the business. One of the things I’m focused on is reaching out and making connections with people through various blogs, forums and sites and then developing those relationships. It’s all in the name of spreading the word about RunnersConnect and also fostering mutually beneficial relationships with people involved in the great sport of running.

Competitor: After I took on the web responsibilities of Level Renner, I wanted to branch out more and diversify my portfolio, so to speak. Mario Fraioli offered me the chance to get published on and I took him up on it. I had two articles published there in early 2012:

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 5.04.59 PMFitCorp: Will blog for gym access. It’s a win-win for me; I get to hone my skills and also am provided access to the FitCorp network of gyms for free in exchange for some blogging. It’s still a relatively new endeavor and my audience (and subject matter) is different than in the past so it’s taking some getting used to. Here are links to my work on their blog:

That’s it for now! This will be updated every time there’s something new to report.


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