On The Roads

I’m a post-collegiate competitive distance runner. In college I ran cross-country and indoor/outdoor track. My events on the track were mainly 5k/10k, but sometimes I dabbled in the 3k or even the 1500. I took a few years off after college, but then found that I needed to get back to my running lifestyle.

I now run for the Whirlaway Racing Team, and predominately do road races in the New England area. I’m starting to entertain thoughts of getting into the mountain race circuit and maybe (just maybe) trying out an ultra one of these days.

Suffering through the heat at Carver in 2011 (courtesy of Ted Tyler)

Some of my prouder accomplishments are qualifying for the NCAA DII National Cross Country Championships as an individual during my senior year at Bryant. I’ve also raced each of the five World Marathon Majors marathon races. I did that over the course of three years, and really enjoyed how there was so much more to it than just running.

For the Chicago, London and Berlin races, I did some fundraising and got to meet some amazing people and make some new friends in the process. I also got to plan my own fundraising events, which was a little difficult at times but was ultimately just a lot of fun.

The best part of it all was probably the travel, and being able to get to Europe multiple times was definitely a bonus. I probably would still be saying “I’ve never been to Europe” if I didn’t force myself to save up for it (and train) by signing up for the races. I can also look back on it and say I did it right, since I PR’d in four of the five races, culminating in my 2:30:58 at Berlin in 2009.

Here are my PR’s, that I can think of:

Indoor Track:

Indoor Track:
Event Time          Date
1500m 4:12 2/12/00
Mile 4:25             ?
3k 9:01 2/10/01
5k 15:27.34 2/23/01
Outdoor Track:
Event Time          Date
1500m 4:12.36 4/25/99
5k 15:15.6 5/6/01
10k 32:42.8 4/21/01
Event Time          Date
2mi 10:13 7/4/06
5k 15:07.3 9/18/11
3.5mi 18:03 6/28/07
4.1mi 20:50 9/7/09
5mi 25:31 7/30/11
8k 25:35 6/12/11
10k 32:23 6/26/11
7mi 36:03 8/14/11
12k 44:25 5/21/05
15k 53:07 2/1/09
10mi 55:32 7/27/07
Half* 1:11:08 3/15/09
20mi 2:09:52 3/30/08
Marathon 2:30:58 9/20/09

As you can see, those track times are fairly soft, especially compared to what I’ve run on the roads lately. I put ’em up there in hopes it’ll motivate me to get back out on the track and lower them sometime soon. I haven’t really raced on the track since college. Some of those road marks look odd, but I don’t race some of those distances much (like 20 mi or 12k, for example).  The marathon mark is from Berlin, but I’ve also run a 2:31:43 at Boston (2011). As far the *Half Marathon goes, I ran a 1:10:09 at the 2009 Run to Remember in Boston, but “runners were led off course in error and ran a course that was 815 feet short.” We only actually ran a 12.955 mi race that day, and just going by pace alone I was on course for a 1:10:59 half (only a modest PR, but still a PR!). Anyway, shenanigans aside, I’m hoping to be able to update these with faster times real soon.


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