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Romp In The Snow

Ran the Granite State Snowshoe Championships yesterday, which was my final race in the 2014 series. Before this season I had never even tried snowshoeing before. Ultimately, it was a success despite my lack of fitness. Maybe more to come on the race here if I can get around blogging again, but for now… Results […]

Not Out of the Woods

I guess the title is a bit misleading because literally I am out of the woods now (we got back home from another camping weekend last night). Instead I was referring to my own ongoing battle with injuries that have me in pedestrian mode when I desperately want to be a competitive runner again. More […]

Training Log: 06/04/13 – 06/09/13

Tuesday Jun 4th: 3.9 mi in 30:15, ran in North Andover. As you may have read here before, we went to bed Sunday night with only hours between us and a clean end to the camping trip. To find out what happened next, read last week’s training log post. The end result of that trip was […]

Training Log: 05/27/13 – 06/03/13

Monday May 27th: Off. Explored some dark ruins. Tuesday May 28th: Another good one, this one being much better than Sunday’s in terms of quality (not quantity, obviously). Splits: 8:01 7:38 7:32 Not only did I get faster as I went along but it was significantly faster and sort of resembled and actual EJN run from days […]

Training Log: 05/20/13 – 05/26/13

Monday May 20th: 3 mi in 24:33. Definitely a night where the workout got away from me. Or, it was completely slipping away until I forced the run. At the time I was indifferent, but Future Eric will be grateful that a couple of miles were squeezed in. Tuesday May 21st: 2.4 mi in 20:51. Oh boy. Waste […]

Training Log: 04/08/13 – 05/19/13

It’s been a while, here’s what I’ve been up to… Monday Apr. 8th: 2 mi in 15:54. Was about to call it a night, then said “F- it” and went downstairs for a twenty minute “workout”. Ran on the treadmill (while watching some Curb Your Enthusiasm on my phone), and then did some planks and lunges afterwards. Better […]

Where Can a Renner Run?

How Cluelessness Impedes Our Fitness A recent poll showed that a staggering 100% of the local population loves big road races such as the Boston Marathon. Surprisingly, in the same pole, 50% of those same respondents said that if they came across a runner in a non-race situation, they would either throw trash at him, […]


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