Not Out of the Woods

I guess the title is a bit misleading because literally I am out of the woods now (we got back home from another camping weekend last night). Instead I was referring to my own ongoing battle with injuries that have me in pedestrian mode when I desperately want to be a competitive runner again. More on that later.

The first stop on the homecoming weekend back home was the late night arrival to our campsite at the Burlingame State Park. It had the feel of camping out in the recreational yard at a prison. My initial assessment was that of camping out on Boston Common but that quickly changed. There were too many people there and we were packed more closely together than I care to be when getting away from it all. What really swayed my opinion was the constant presence of rangers (if that’s what they were) and the non-stop patrols. Throw in the mobile bail bond RV that was parked at the entrance, and it made you think that you might have to sleep with your valuables hidden up your ass while holding a big knife. Fun!

Up early the next morning for the first ever Smithfield High School Alumni Race (dubbed the Haggis Invitational), I was…not ready to roll. The long drive down coupled with the poor sleep on the hard ground had me feeling like luggage. I had to represent though. Deep down I was hoping that I got smoked right off the gun because I knew I’d get too competitive if a win was in sight and I also knew that I’d be better of just going easy.

The course itself was new and a little rough. I’m not complaining though because that’s cross country. It just wasn’t good for me because the steep (but short) inclines and declines and sharp turns did a number on my recovering body. For the race I donned my old Sentinels singlet, and in true 1997 fashion the race involved a couple of wrong turns on my part. I was still somehow able to win it, but I’m not sure if it even counts. I ran long but I still ran a slightly different route. Instead of making a hard left for the finish, I went straight (“just reverse the start” he says…) and in the confusion of realizing the mistake, I banked left and cut in for the finish. On a more formal course wouldn’t you have to go back and make the correct turn? Not really important, just something that occurred to me. Anyway, a win is good but it feels a little silly when I’m running a few minutes behind my competitive days and a stud like Liam Hillery (a Sentinels alumnus who is currently running for PC) was basically just jogging behind me. He had bigger fish to fry, namely the Run 4 Kerri which was to be run the next day.

Speaking of the Run 4 Kerri, that was quite the experience. It was the second year of the Level being involved in promoting and covering the race and we had a blast. First of all, we got to whip around the course in the back of Smart Cars (or Smart Car-like vehicles?) and capture all of the action.

On top of that, there was an Olympian unexpectedly (for us at least) in the field. Julie Culley was the top female and 19th overall.

It was very cool to be able to see her in action up close and then interview her one on one afterwards (or at least man the camera while KG conducted the interview).


Full coverage of the event coming very soon on the Level Renner website.

As far as my situation goes (why else would you be here?), I had another follow up with my hip surgeon today and the news was…blah. Structurally everything appears to be fine, but (in medical terms) shit is fired up. I may be headed towards another cortisone shot, but this one would be into the hamstring or glute to help calm it down. It appears I have some sort of tendonitis in the hamstring/glute area on the left side, and then my old friend Post Tib Tendonitis on the right side is angrier than ever. It’s been damn near two years now and that post tib tendonitis won’t go away. In fact, it’s getting worse. Two years old…if it was a human child, it would be walking around, potty trained and able to hold a conversation. Imagine having a talk with your injury. It certainly is barking at me quite often. I tried to go for a cool down run after the race on Saturday and made it two steps before stopping. Two horrible, limping steps. I love my new job, but being on my feet so much in combination with this comeback attempt just appears to be wreaking havoc on my legs.

Now that I know that there’s no damage, I can proceed with some more confidence, but this appears to be the ‘step back’ that goes along with the steps forward that I’ve been taking since getting back to it. Need to get back to the pool, and back to more regular massage and chiropractic treatments.


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  1. ejnshow says :

    **Correction: In an analogy above I said that my injury was potty trained. Is it really potty trained if it’s shitting all over my running hopes and dreams? Probably not.

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