Training Log: 06/04/13 – 06/09/13

Tuesday Jun 4th: 3.9 mi in 30:15, ran in North Andover. As you may have read here before, we went to bed Sunday night with only hours between us and a clean end to the camping trip. To find out what happened next, read last week’s training log post.

The end result of that trip was that I had a car full of wet camping equipment to dry out, so I took a drive to North Andover to lay it all out and get a run in. I only planned on getting 3 miles in but got somewhat lost. An extra mile never hurt nobody.

Wednesday Jun 5th: Off. National Running Day. That’s how I celebrate, yeah.

Thursday Jun 6th: I woke up wearing the short shorts amidst a pile of Gu wrappers and empty fuel belt bottles, nestled between The Stick and some Body Glide. On one leg was a Strassburg Sock, on the other was a compression sleeve. Oh no, not again! Much to my horror, I saw a goose egg on the calendar, representing yesterday’s lack of running. Turning into a wererunner did nothing to change that; it was just a poser’s running day. Or it was just another National Running Day in which I went too far and did nothing. I say this every year: I will never do that again. It’s an out of control holiday.

National Running Day
Once the mess was cleaned up, I met up with Louie at City Square and got in a couple of miles. The run felt okay. Not good. Not great. Not bad either. In all seriousness I had some very annoying computer issues so couldn’t take some time to loosen up before heading out and I think that really contributed to feeling so sluggish the whole way. After parting ways with Louis, I added on a bit and then decided to do some strength work.

Headed over to Green St for hill reps. According to the Garmin, the hill is 380ish feet long. I ran to the top pretty hard and walked to the bottom. Five reps of this felt pretty decent. I think any more would’ve been pushing it. I didn’t time the first one, but the rest were: 29, 27, 27, 27. Walking rest took about 70 seconds. Totals for the day were 5.2 mi in 40:11.

Friday Jun 7th: Nada

Saturday Jun 8th: Nope

Sunday Jun 9th: 4.1 in 29:40. Quick run before work. Felt decent. Was able to get down into the 6:50’s over the last mile. I threw in 3 thirty second surges over the last half mile, and each one coincidentally came at an uphill. My pace was already sub-7 for the first half of that mile before I started the surges, so it’s not like the number is skewed. Good to know things are opening up a bit.

Loving the Altras, too.

Summary: Only 13.2 mi total for the week. I know Monday isn’t included here (included with last week’s for continuity), but that was a dropped day anyway. Only three days of running in a 7 day stretch? Piss poor. In all fairness, that ridiculous Sunday night/Monday morning threw me off my axis for a bit. It was tough to make up that sleep, and it just snowballed. My comeback and attempt to get back into a routine is still in a delicate phase and the smallest thing seems to be able to interfere.


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