Training Log: 05/27/13 – 06/03/13

Monday May 27th: Off. Explored some dark ruins.

Tuesday May 28th
Another good one, this one being much better than Sunday’s in terms of quality (not quantity, obviously). Splits:


Not only did I get faster as I went along but it was significantly faster and sort of resembled and actual EJN run from days gone by. When was the last time I could say that?

Couldn’t squeeze one in yesterday since I was frolicking around on George’s Island with the Mrs. all day. The left hip and the right ankle were screaming after being on my feet all day. The run didn’t seem a like a good idea.

Even running this morning didn’t seem like a great idea but I forced it and feel better for it. On to the next one. Total of 3.1 mi in 23:44.

Wednesday May 29th: According to my Garmin, I got down to a 6:07 for my last mile on this run. Not sure how believable that is. Nobody shouted ‘holy shit you’re awesome’ as I cruised along during that last mile, and I’m pretty sure people would have that reaction if I actually ran a 6:07.

Two days in a row. Holy shit that’s awesome. Another 3.1 mi in 24:04. Like I’ve always said, a 5k a day keeps the beer gut away.

Thursday May 30th: I’m sure at some point I’ll stop posting splits for shite runs, but until the excitement wears off, here we go again:


Not bad, right? Damn, that’s a normal run right there. Getting back to normal! The heat was pretty bad and it didn’t help that I was wearing a black t-shirt. Normally a run like this would be done with no shirt, but I’m not quite there. The sight of my “soft” midsection is something that the general public just shouldn’t be subjected to.

Hopefully I can get back to shape before I start to get a farmer’s tan. Got in 4.2 mi in 31:02.

Friday May 31st: Nada

IMG_1843Saturday Jun 1st: First day at the Nickerson State Park campground in Brewster, MA. This day marked the big one year anniversary for my blushing bride and I. Since the first year is the paper anniversary, we had to start small in scale. Our shelter for these get aways will improve each year, until we get to the golden anniversary. I think that’s the one where we can start staying in nice hotels. For now, we’re tent people.

There are prominent warnings seemingly everywhere about deer ticks so I was hesitant to go just about anywhere. There is a pretty nice paved path that goes through woods and it seemed safe enough. I did a bit of a exploring on that, albeit briefly. Although the roads there are pancake flat, the running path is quite hilly. I found it tough to get into a rhythm with all the short steep hills. Total of 3 mi in 25:07.

Sunday June 2nd: Day Two at Nickerson State Park. Lucky for me, Joe Navas and Scott the Scot literally live right down the street from the park, which meant I had some company. Between my injury and the fact that they live way out on the Cape, it had been quite some time before we met up for a run like this. In fact outside of a race, I’m not sure I’ve ever run with them. It’s a damn shame, too.

Anyway, we stuck to the paved path in the woods. Both of them assured me that the tick problem was very real down there. We did the same loop about three times, then peeled off after 5 mi or so to head over to a lake to take a dip. The water was amazingly cold and did some good for my right ankle (which has been acting up again…see late September 2011 training log…uh oh).

Out of the water and back to the campsite to finish up the run. Total of 7.1 mi in 58:38. Had a nice outdoor breakfast, cooked on the gas stove and over some charcoal: scrambled eggs with habanero cheese, potatoes and breakfast sausage. And a Box o’ Joe. Yup.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Monday June 3rd: Off. Okay, so we went to bed Sunday night a little nervous about the weather. We checked the forecasts and the maps pretty constantly and saw a clear pattern: with each passing hour, the rain and thunder storms seemed to be pushing out later and later. By the time we went to bed at 11 or so, the hourly forecast was saying 0% chance of rain until 3 am, then only like a 30% chance until 8 am. We liked those odds.

At about 2:30, maybe sooner, the rains came. Zero percent chance my ass! I’m not going to bitch and moan too much here because I know people put up with worse while camping. The fact that we made it through 95% of the trip with great weather is a win. But here’s our situation: we live in the city with no space to conveniently dry wet camping gear. Had we known the rain was coming like that over night, I think we would’ve packed up after dinner (and some camp fire time) and drove home. Instead, we had The Storm to deal with.

The rain was coming down pretty hard, the wind at times felt like it’d blow the tent away. The thunder and lightning rolled in and out quickly but was vicious when it was there. I’ve never experienced thunder and lightning like that in a tent before and it was pretty crazy. I swear I could see lightning bolts through the fabric at times. The tent held up well, but after over an hour of this it started to give a little. Water was slowly leaking in and we weren’t sleeping anyway so we called it a trip. It felt more like recreational water boarding than camping at that point. The water was slowly slowly leaking in but it felt much worse than it actually was. It constantly felt like the tent was about to just completely give way and unleash the elements on us. At about 4 am there was a lull in the storm and we quickly jammed everything in the car as best we could and took off.

What should’ve been an 80 minute drive back to Boston turned into 2.5 miserable hours. Thankfully there was no traffic leaving the Cape but once we got within 40 miles of Boston it got ugly. I guess it was just commuter traffic but we were certain we’d be back home and in bed before that got bad. Wrong! It took a solid hour and a half to drive that last 40 miles. So frustrated. So angry. So tired. Needless to say, no run that day.

Summary: Ran five days this week for a total of 20.5 miles (and 5 of the 8 days listed here). Not too shabby. Some good progress was made, the little get away trips were fun and I got to run with some teammates for the first time in a while. All in all, a good week.


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