Training Log: 05/20/13 – 05/26/13

Monday May 20th: 3 mi in 24:33. Definitely a night where the workout got away from me. Or, it was completely slipping away until I forced the run. At the time I was indifferent, but Future Eric will be grateful that a couple of miles were squeezed in.

Tuesday May 21st: 2.4 mi in 20:51. Oh boy. Waste of time. Ran over to the pool to get in some aqua jogging. Thought I saw some lightning and heard some thunder along the way but didn’t think anything of it. Ran the roundabout way and got in nearly two miles beforehand.

Got to the pool and saw that Allison McCabe was also there. Apparently it was the first night back in action for both of us after some down time. She had a more acceptable reason for missing out on all that time than I did.

I was in the pool for only about 6 minutes when they pulled us out due to safety reasons. Apparently you can’t swim indoors when there’s thunder and lightning outside. Who knew? Technically I did some aqua jogging, but it was the effort equivalent of farting underwater. I hadn’t even determined a workout yet before it was time to exit the water. Is it just me or does that seem like a sign from God that it just wasn’t meant to be?

Ran home nearly directly, but made sure to go up Lexington and work the hill a bit.

1.7 mi to the pool in 14:52
6 mins of “aqua jogging”
.7 mi home in 5:59

Wednesday May 22nd: Off

Thursday May 23rd: 3.2 in 29:26. Oh God, Oh No. Felt awful. This may have been the running equivalent of being waterboarded. Awful.

Friday May 24th: Nada

Saturday May 25th: Nope

Sunday May 26th: 5.6 in 43:23. Best I’ve felt in a long time. A little chilly (and windy), but still a great night to be out on the river. When you’ve been away from it for a while you forget about all the little things too, like just how visually appealing a run at dusk on the river can be.

In honor of the return of the Arrested Development today: “I had pop pop on the river”. There was a bit of pop in the legs and I hope that it sticks around for another couple of decades.

Summary: Four days on, three days off. I’ll take it…for now. Total of 14.2 mi for this week (compared to 13.2 for last week). Once I hit 25 then maybe I’ll start to feel better about it. The week started off in the usual suspect fashion but ended on a high note. I’ve used the term “momentum” before only to lose it immediately, so I won’t go that far now.


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