Training Log: 04/08/13 – 05/19/13

It’s been a while, here’s what I’ve been up to…

Monday Apr. 8th: 2 mi in 15:54. Was about to call it a night, then said “F- it” and went downstairs for a twenty minute “workout”. Ran on the treadmill (while watching some Curb Your Enthusiasm on my phone), and then did some planks and lunges afterwards. Better than nothing. The streak continues.

Tuesday Apr. 9th: nothing

Wednesday Apr. 10th: 7 mi in 43:54. On the AlterG at Fitzgerald PT. Here was the workout:


Those AlterG shorts are pretty bad ass, right?

Set the weight to 70%, the incline to 1%, and steadily ratcheted up the pace. I used the first 1.75 mi as a warm up and ran that portion in 13:21.

The next part of it was like a tempo/slight progression. I’ll list the mile splits and body weight %:

6:00 at 70%
5:57 at 70%
5:41 at 65%
5:30 at 65%
5:29 at 65%

Used the last .75 as a cool down and slowly turned the dial back up to 100% body weight.

I really wanted to get in a good workout and even at 70% I was feeling like it might be too much. So in the interests of working the system I eased back on the weight percentage and cranked the pace up higher to really work the last two miles.

Left hamstring felt tight, but I was able to work through it. It was lower down the leg so I don’t think the hip was bothered. Although yesterday and even earlier this morning the hip was giving me all sorts of pain.

I took yesterday off as a precaution, from running at least. I still got in some stretching, hamstring bridges, planks and back exercises.

Thursday Apr. 11th – Saturday Apr. 20th: Not a damn thing. I needed a day or two off after the AlterG workout, then that rolled into Boston Marathon weekend which is crazy busy for Level Renner. After the bombing it was tough to tear myself away from the news coverage and the stories we were producing for the magazine and website.

Sunday Apr. 21st: 2.2 mi in 18:41. Ran a little at the WMDP Run For Boston. Brenna got some of my “running” on video. It was awful. I really need to get consistent. The event itself was great and a lot of money was raised for the One Fund.


Banner signed by all the participants at the Run For Boston.

Monday Apr. 22nd:
More rest. Oh yeah, I really needed it too.

Tuesday Apr. 23rd: 1 mile in 8:03 on the treadmill. Two out of three days. As long as I don’t take the next five days off I could be on my way to getting back into shape.*

*This was sarcastically written on on 5/21, after looking back and seeing that I took the next five days off. Arg.

Wednesday Apr. 24th – Sunday Apr. 28th: Nothing. Probably gained weight. I eat because I’m unhappy and I’m unhappy because I eat.

Monday Apr. 29th: 2 mi in 15:44 on the treadmill. I know I ran this, just not sure what date/time. Need to include epic runs like this!

Tuesday Apr. 30th: 3 mi in 23:08 on the treadmill. I know I ran this, just not sure what date/time. Need to include epic runs like this!

Sunset on the Esplinade during the group run.

Sunset on the Esplinade during the group run.

Wednesday May 1st: 6 mi in 50:09. Ran the 2.5 mi to the Boylston St Marathon Sports store for the first Wednesday night group run since the bombing. There was a short ceremony out in front of the store (Shane and the staff were presented with a plaque), and then we took off for the run.

I was able to run with Meagan Nedlo and Kyle Feldman for the entire 3.5 mi. It’s not often that I run with anybody (or at all) lately so it was a welcome change of pace.

2.5 mi in 19:45
3.5 mi in 30:24

Thursday May 2nd: I guess I needed an off day after that “long run”.

Friday May 3rd: 42ish minutes for 6ish miles on the AlterG again at Fitzgerald PT in Woburn, MA.

I really don’t remember the details of this. I’m recording it weeks later. The note on my iPhone disappeared (damn you Siri!).

This session went better than the first. I was much more conservative but still got down to sub-6:00 pace. Most of it was done at 65% body weight. Felt a pretty intense pain in my right knee later that night. The workout was done later in the morning so I can’t really see how the two would be connected. All of a sudden I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg. It was real weird and very concerning.

Saturday May 4th – Saturday May 11th: A big goose egg. The first couple of days of this were due to lingering pain in my right knee area, then I just fell back into my lazy routine.

Sunday May 12th: 37:21 for 4ish miles on the charles, out and back. ran in adidas. 7:40ish pm. great night for a run. A little sluggish since I worked at the store (New England Running Co) earlier today. All that time on my feet takes its toll.

Three miles turned into four. It was a like a rebirth. the cracker song ‘Happy Birthday to me’ got stuck in my head, possibly because I had heard it earlier. “I’m feeling grateful, for the small things, today.” Perhaps running 4 miles on a beautiful night isn’t such a small thing. But it’s only a baby step towards my goal of getting back to the land of the competitive.

Monday May 13th: Off

Tuesday May 14th: 3.6 mi in 29:11, ran in the morning. Short out and back. All I had time for. Oh the pollen…

Wednesday May 15th: 2.25 mi in 18:10, ran around chucktown. Made sure to go up Green St a couple of times to get in some hill running. Not exactly hill work just yet. I was lucky to get this. I had to be on my way to a fundraiser but I forced this run because I needed it. I need to start forcing them more until I get back into a rhythm.

Thursday May 16th: Off

Friday May 17th: 4 mi in 32:10. Mini loop, crossing at the Longfellow Bridge. Felt okay…I’ll take that. Dropped yesterday because my right ankle was flared up all day Thursday. Between the benefit Wednesday night and then my 9 hour shift at the store, it was too much time on my feet.

Saturday May 18th: 3.3 mi in 26:13. Unofficial name for this run: Tallapia Run. Wanted a short run and also wanted fish for dinner. So, I planned a route that took me by the Whole Foods on Cambridge Street. Always fun buying fish in short shorts. Ran along the water and by a dog park on the way back, so there was a real threat of being chased by dogs and gulls because of the two pounds of fish in my hand. Felt okay, but feet were feeling a little beat. I think it may be time for new shoes…finally.

Sunday May 19th: Planned on doing something, but was down in RI helping out with the NE Distance Community 5k, and then spent the rest of the day visiting family. I did get in 5k of slow biking (I was on the lead bike).

Summary:  I’ve been treading water since Boston, with the little things weighing on me more than they should. I now realize that  It had been a rough year or so even before the tragic events of Patriot’s Day, but I’m going to just have to power through. If I am in fact just treading water then it’s time to grit my teeth and just tread water until the fucking ocean gives up. I think that may be from Once a Runner, not sure. But anyway, where was I? The ocean? Yeah Poseidon, your trident is no match for my aqua kung fu.

My activity has been lacking lately, to say the least. I’ve even noticed that I lost my callus on my big toe on my right foot. it’s not just any callus, but it’s the callus, developed over damn near 20 years of running. Just like that, it’s gone. the skin on my feet has become soft and, well, weak. Arg. A part of me is missing and it was because of I didn’t do enough to keep it. I need to get it back!

There’s a glaring lack of pool running here too, among other things. Lots of work to do.


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