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I know I’m very late to the party when it comes to Game of Thrones. I’ve seen various articles, sketches, gag headlines, etc., that play on the show’s portrayal of sex scenes (to put it lightly). Beating a dead horse has never stopped me before. If you beat the horse enough you might be able to spin it as making glue. This is my attempt at making glue.

Being new to the world of GoT, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I undertook the task of catching up on the first two seasons. On demand offerings seem to come and go without notice (sometimes) so I wanted to be sure to get through both seasons before they disappeared. In total, I think I got through it in about five days. Once I set my mind to something I am unstoppable!

At first I was surprised by the nudity, and the sex, and the way most women were treated like prostitutes. The brain trust behind the show does a magnificent job of desensitizing you to it. There’s just so much thrown at you that after a while you get used to the nudity and pretty much expect it.

I’m not at all against nudity and sex in my entertainment, but the way they do it here just seems way too heavy-handed. When I first saw pictures of George RR Martin, my initial reaction was something like ‘there’s a guy who probably lives in his mom’s basement and has never even talked to a girl.’ Fast forward to present day, and after watching countless rough doggy-style sex scenes in the show, I feel like my theory gained some support. To nail down what I had in mind more precisely, George seems like an older version of Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character from Role Models.

Didn’t anyone at HBO stop and say, ‘wait a second, we don’t go that far here’? Some of the scenes are straight out of Skinemax classics like:

A Bukoki in King Arthur’s Court
The Knights of the Round Booty
Merlin’s Magic Muff Ride

And yes, I’m using this as an excuse to go overboard and display my immaturity. Along those lines, I’m very disappointed there hasn’t been a whispering eye reference in this show yet. I’m holding out for it in season three.

Another thing that makes some of the ‘action’ seem a bit more inappropriate is that whenever I hear Casterly Rock it makes me think of Fraggle Rock. Fraggle Rock should not be thought of when you’re witnessing borderline rape and gratuitous booby shots.

picstitchWhat if it was Fraggle Rock that they were referring to? When Lord Tyrion returned home would he seduce the Doozers? I hope not. He seems to like whores anyway, and I can’t picture the Doozers selling their bodies. Besides, they’re too busy with their various construction projects. No one wants to think of Gobo Fraggle forcing himself on Mokey on top of the Trash Heap while spouting some demeaning dialogue. Disturbing to think about? Totally. Some of the behavior is probably scarring within the context of the show, and would be absolutely terrifying if it broke out in a fictional place inhabited by muppet-like creatures.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 7.53.50 PM

Exhibit A: Doozers and knockers

Is this completely crazy? Yes and no. I tend to let my imagination run wild and blog posts take crazy turns that weren’t necessarily in the plan originally, sure. But there’s enough crazy in life where quite often I can just present what’s actually out there and let the crazy speak for itself.

With that I present Exhibit A, which is a screenshot of a google image search I did for Doozers while putting this together. Right smack in the middle is a sketch of a woman just ‘letting them breathe.’ We’re one step away from the Trash Heap getting defiled.

While I was pondering this the other night, I finally watched Blade Runner. Again, I’m very late to the party on this one too. I know it might be heresy to say this, but I only thought it was okay. My biggest take away from it was this: did we witness Harrison Ford rape a robot? No means no, Han!

I’m referring to the scene where he “makes love” to a robotic Sean Young. It was bad enough when he slammed the door when Sean was trying to leave, but things took an even uglier turn when he “programmed” her to accept the rape. “Tell me you want me”, “say ‘kiss me'”. Oh no Han…it’s not too late to stop this! Quick, just give her some cab money now and send her on her way before it goes any further. She might forgive you and decide to not file charges. You can always just go and bang the toaster if you’re that desperate. When you think about it, replicant…kitchen appliance…either way it’s a machine and still something you wouldn’t want your friends to find out about.

As we edge closer and closer to full nudity on regular TV, the envelope will be pushed and the line will be blurred (in some cases just for the sake of pushing and blurring). I have a feeling I’ll be visiting this topic again someday.


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3 responses to “Sex & Entertainment”

  1. kellydomara says :

    And, if there is full nudity on TV, so? Game of Thrones is totally over-the-top, but it’s also well-written and well-acted and honest within the confines of the show — ie. the sex and crazy violence makes sense for the characters and/or plot. My only complaint is the discrepancies we have in standards when it comes to nudity. It’s not that I want to see some full-frontal male action, but if you’re going to have a whole lots of boobs and naked women, then there should be some penises. For equality’s sake.

  2. ejnshow says :

    That’s a fair position to take. So you want an equal boob-to-penis ratio, or just a fair one? I just wonder how many women out there feel the same way you do, in regard to your “It’s not that I want to see some full-frontal male action” statement. Does anybody? The male anatomy seems like something about of a Tim Burton movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if many women would rather see boobs on tv just to avoid having nightmares. I know I might get some shit from any of my male friends for saying this, but the diner scene from the beginning of Bridesmaids comes to mind, where Kristen Wiig does her impersonation of a penis.

  3. Fifi says :

    Yes, I’m a woman and I want to see an equal number of penises and nude men. I feel offended that the female actors on this show seem to be required to go topless and nude at any opportunity but the men seem to be always clothed or if not hidden behind a chair. Stop pretending it’s because women dont want to see it. We do. The real reason is that men are making this show and they want to get these women nude and it’s the usual exploitation of womens bodies in society. Enough. Women need to stop the bullshit that they dont want to see it and start demanding equality. The amount of nudity in this show in terms of females is ridiculous. The sex is the same – why all the rough doggy style sex? Is this the only kind the producers of this show thought anyone had back then – totally demeaning to female viewers. I agree, almost every woman on this show is treated like a prostitute.

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