Training Log: 04/01/13 – 04/07/13

Monday Apr. 1st: Off. But it wasn’t a total loss. I think my April Fools Day post came out pretty good.

Tuesday Apr. 2nd: Off

Wednesday Apr. 3rd: Off…again

Thursday Apr. 4th: Easy lunch run with Lou. I say run but it was more like a death march. Felt f’n awful the whole way, from start to finish. I took almost a week off…for this? Actually, it was just laziness, but I’m sure you knew that by now. In total it was only 5.4 mi in 46:55 (short river loop) but it kicked my ass.

Friday Apr. 5th: Needed to rest after yesterday’s debacle.

Saturday Apr. 6th: This is a perfect example of how my timing has been shitty during this comeback attempt. Open swim at the pool was supposed to be from 12-2, so I left at 1:30 to head over for a quick pool workout. I wasn’t too worried about being so late because I’ve been told in the past that it’s okay if my time goes long since I quietly toil away in the deep end when the next group comes in.

Anyway, I ran the .6 mi over to the pool in 5:06. Unfortunately for me the lifeguard was away until 2:00 (on his lunch break). Sitting around for 20 mins doing nothing while waiting for the lifeguard to come back didn’t really factor into my plans. Sooo….I decided to finish up my workout by taking a tour of the Navy Yard. Short…easy…does it (3 mi in 27:41). Felt better than I did on Thursday but this still wasn’t really the workout I needed.

Sunday Apr. 7th: Fitzgerald PT and Toomey Sports had an open house at their Woburn location. I showed up for some socializing, and possibly a stroll on the AlterG.

There was a nice spread out, including some beer, and I avoided the temptation to dive in while waiting for my turn. Before long I was squeezing myself into the bladder shorts and saying goodbye to a huge percentage of my body weight.

The first mile or so was at 60% weight and somewhere north of 8:30 mi pace. I cranked the pace down and “added back” some lbs up until I was cruising along at 70% and sub-6:00 by the end. That burst wasn’t for very long but damn, something came alive inside of me when I opened up the stride for those few fleeting seconds. It’s only a spark, for sure, but now I need to make sure it turns into a roaring fire.

It’s been a while since I’ve had that fire and now that I had a taste for it I think I might be closer to returning than I had previously thought. There’s still a lot work to be done, especially when you consider this was only a three mile (23:31), reduced weight run. I mean, I had some light snacks and a beer, so it is possible that I left the place heavier than when I arrived. Oh man, how’s that for a workout?

Did a two minute plank when I got home. Hadn’t done any of that in too long and need to get back to it. Time for fatty to get lean again.

Summary: Yup, just another shoddy week. Not one aqua jogging session all week, and that’s just piss poor. Although I ended the week by doing something on three of the last four days. Don’t know about you but I’ll call that momentum. However, if the next week is started with another three day break then that little bit of momentum will be gone just as quickly.


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