Training Log: 03/25/13 – 03/31/13

Monday Mar. 25th: Ah, not working out.

Tuesday Mar. 26thYup, trying to work out just isn’t working out.

Wednesday Mar. 27thThrough the park over the newish footbridge and out to the river for an easy (but glorious) out and back run. I had to shed clothing as I went along. “Strip running” is dangerous, so I highly recommend stopping to remove unwanted outer layers. It felt great to be out there in a short sleeve shirt finally!

I missed being out by the water along the Charles River. Hopefully I’ll get to the pool tonight too. Today was (yet again) the first step in the right direction. I can’t make up for the time I missed over the last couple of weeks but here’s to hoping that this is the start of a new workout streak. In total: 4.3 mi in 34:36.

Later on I ran over to the pool (.6 mi in 5:03) to get in some aqua jogging. The workout:

10 minute long hard effort
2:25 rest
4 x 3 mins, 1 min rest

They were all in this pattern: Hard, Very Hard, Hard pattern (1-1-1), well, except for the first one. I was still trying to figure things out and did that one by going hard for the first two mins and then very hard for the last minute.

6:35 for a longer run back. Must’ve been close to a mile. Charged the hills.

Thursday Mar. 28thMet up with Louie. Best I’ve felt in ages. Still slow. Count this as a tempo run. In total: 5.5 mi in 43:32.

Ran .6 mi to the pool in 5:10. In the water for some aqua jogging. Warmed up for 6:38, then on to the workout (4 x 5:00 with one minute rest). Went a little long on the intervals and the rest, but not by much. Total time aqua jogging: 33:56.

Ran .6 home in 5:36. New course record by far for the run home.

Friday Mar. 29th: It was a simple enough task: run the 2.5ish mi to meet Jeff for a coffee and talk about work stuff. I guess I took it harder than I thought the last couple of days because this sucked.

I was running along the river but got off that and onto the roads sooner than planned in an attempt to get a cab to take me the last mile or so. I could not get a taxi for the life of me and by that point I was in that weird stretch where I was too close to justify a taxi and too far away to comfortably get there.

It was a combination of running walking over the last mile or so, but I did stop the watch every time I stopped to hail a taxi. It ended up being a whopping 3.1 mi and took 24:53 to complete. Felt awful.

Saturday Mar. 30th: Needed a day off after Friday’s epic collapse. Plus Saturday was a day spent almost entirely behind the wheel. First we drove from Boston to Haverhill to visit Brenna’s grandmother. Then we got on the road to head to Westfield to cover the Run Westfield 5k for Level Renner. Then we drove home, made a quick stop, and then continued on to run some errands. That all did not help my legs feel better.

Interviewing race winner Simon Ndirangu after the Run Westfield 5k.

Interviewing race winner Simon Ndirangu after the Run Westfield 5k.

On the bright side, I got to interview a couple of Olympians (Alistair Cragg, Amy Hastings, Kim Smith), and then talk to some other world class runners while also hanging out with some of New England’s finest. I think Ice Cube said it best: today was a good day.

Sunday Mar. 31st: Easter Sunday. More driving, more of this not working out stuff.

Summary: Three days on, four days off. I don’t think I gained anything this week. Really hard to focus on running. It’s taking a total back seat to everything else going on. I don’t think the problem is motivation anymore. The problem runs much deeper than that. Get everything else in order and the running will follow. But then again, that seems to change on a daily basis. Let’s see what next week has in store for my comeback attempt. Also need to examine my diet since what I consumed this weekend was more like a cry for help. All that time on the road didn’t help matters much.


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2 responses to “Training Log: 03/25/13 – 03/31/13”

  1. kellydomara says :

    My experience has been that at some point you can’t force it. You have to not do stuff until not doing stuff sounds so terrible you can’t do anything but workout. Sometimes that takes a long time. But, it fixes itself.

    • ejnshow says :

      Yeah, that’s something to consider. The thought of purposely taking time off doesn’t seem right. But at the same time when I think of actually doing anything, I can tell that it probably won’t happen.

      Sorry to hear that your foot’s not cooperating still. Hopefully it won’t bother you much on race day. I’ll send you the details for the RunnersConnect after party thing.

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