Training Log: 03/18/13 – 03/24/13

Monday Mar. 18th through Fri March 22nd: Nada

Saturday Mar. 23rd: Did not respect the process this week. Just having a real hard time motivating myself to get out the door and also prioritizing running in general.

When I get into a groove either cranking out material or applying for jobs it’s real hard to justify going for a run. I’m in a shit situation and running won’t help me get out of it faster. If I can get out of this crap and into a more secure situation then it’ll be much easier to say ‘time to go running‘.

On top of all that, this run revealed a potential new problem. Exercise-induced asthma. By about 2.5 miles into it, I was struggling to breathe pretty badly. In fact, I’ve never experienced anything like that before. Weird thing about it: I ran my fastest mile of the workout in that last mile. Maybe the panic of suffocation propelled me forward at a faster clip? It was still only like an 8:05 pace, so nothing too crazy.

I’ve experienced symptoms of it in the past, especially in the winter. After coming home from a workout in the cold I might’ve had trouble breathing for 30 mins to an hour, but it was nothing severe, and it wasn’t a regular occurrence. Never before has it bothered me during exercise. It’s only gotten worse since my hip injury and the longer I’m on this hiatus the more frequent the spells.

I think this episode was kind of a fluke incident but it was still enough to help keep me on the couch on Sunday. If it persists I’ll have to take action on it.

Sunday Mar. 24th: Lungs felt a bit heavy, opted to stay inside. Took the easy way out, sure. Got enough stuff to worry about now and don’t want breathing to be another concern.

Summary: No getting around it, just a disappointing week for many reasons. At the end of the day it comes down to me just not getting it done. Although I didn’t get in aerobic work, I did get in stretching and light hip drills so it wasn’t an absolute total loss. Ready to turn the page on this week.


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One response to “Training Log: 03/18/13 – 03/24/13”

  1. Scott Graham says :

    Eric, Please don’t hate me for this but here it goes!! I don’t know if you’ve done this or not but it’s time to develop a training plan. It sounds like you’ve been going by the seat of your pants and it’s not getting the job done. When you used to train for a key race I’m sure you had a full training plan put together and executed on that plan. Write it down on paper, hang it on the refrigerator check it off every day. Plans create structure and accountability. You already know all this, but it’s time. You can do this. Get serious and get the work done!

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