Training Log: 03/11/13 – 03/17/13

Monday Mar. 11th: In the morning I did some side to side shuffling in the hallway, then took the stairs down the gym. On the stairs I did some leg drops. In the gym, I dropped and hammered out 61 push ups. Then I did:

lunges (with weights)
side planks
front planks
hamstring bridges

Two sets of each.

Later on, I got in 3.5 mi running around Chucktown (29:23). Originally wanted to run around then run over to the pool for twenty minutes or so of intense aqua jogging, but decided to call it a day after the run (much later start than anticipated). Felt okay, just slightly more like a runner than I did on Friday.


I had my phone with me (along with other stuff) since I thought I was heading to the pool. Took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed some shots in Northpoint Park.  I noticed on some recent night time jaunt through the park that a couple of spots might make for a cool looking shot, and they came out pretty good (as far as phone pics go anyway). These two make me think of some weird Tim Burton-esque nightmare landscape, with the almost cartoonishly bright lights and the somewhat gnarly looking vegetation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really like the contrast between light and dark, which really pops since the park and bridge are both extremely well lit, and then you have the dark water right next to it.


Tuesday Mar. 12thGot in 30:51 for 4 miles before aqua jogging. Ran the first 3.4 mi on the treadmill at home (26:14) before heading out. Covered the last .6 in a new course record of 4:37. Boom.

Right when I got to the pool, I was in the water and gettin’ after it. No time to F around, so the “warm up” was only 43 seconds of light aqua jogging. Workout was: 5 x 3 min intervals with 60 seconds rest (21:09 total pool time). I was pushing it but my legs were feeling the “long run” I had finished mere minutes ago.

Kept my lungs dry, prepared the legs a bit more for Hollis, then was out of the water and on my way home. I ran the .6 mi home in 5:24 on rubbery legs.

Wednesday Mar. 13thOne measly mile (in 8:09). It’s all I had time for, unfortunately. Big day yesterday, so taking it easy felt like the right choice anyway. Did 62 push ups (one set) before I got on the treadmill. After the run, did a quick set of lunges (with weights).

Yeah, I’m not above entering 1 mile as a run. So what? It’s 25% of my long run! One mile at a time, that’s how I’m going to crawl my way back to mediocrity.

Thursday Mar. 14thStarted out on the treadmill at home. Ran 2.4 mi in 19:24, then ran the remaining .6 to the gym in a new club record of 4:30.

On the treadmill, I made a rookie mistake: I dropped the remote control. It hit the belt and shot off the back. I almost…ALMOST…instinctively went to grab it. Taking a knee to pick something up on a moving treadmill would be the ultimate bad move. My tombstone would say nothing but ‘SHIT HEAD’ on it. Oy. Luckily I wasn’t that dense, and as a bonus I somehow mashed some buttons on the way down that switched it to…The Simpsons. Just in time to hear ‘pop goes the chupacabra’, and all was right in my world.

Wow, spent for this one. From the treadmill to the streets then right into the pool for…

4-2-4-2-4-2 (minutes)

Took 90 sec rest after the 4’s and 60 sec after the 2’s. The rest, as always, is light aqua jogging. Just light enough to keep from drowning. Because, my friends, that is the primary goal of each workout, followed closely by becoming a better runner. Total time aqua jogging: 26:17.

Got out, dried off then I immediately ran home (another .6 mi in 5:03). No club record there, sorry.

Friday Mar. 15th: No workout. In the middle of the night (last night) I woke up and sort of sat up in an attempt to get more comfortable. In doing so, I felt this tearing sensation in the hip/groin area, like I ripped my taint in half and tore up the joint. In other words, it was unpleasant. Yeah, I worked it pretty hard this week. It was the first week where I really mixed in the running with the aqua jogging. My guess is that I just broke up some scar tissue in the process. To be safe, I took today off.

It wasn’t uneventful though. I received the official Mount Washington Lottery Non-Winner Notification. “Non-Winner Notification”…really?! Although the message is disappointing, the title is just absurd. All that’s needed in the title is Lottery Notification and that will take care of it. The body of the message will explain the rest. I hate seeing non-winner more than I hate seeing loser. When I see non-winner it makes me think that someone is calling me a loser but trying to make me feel good about it.

I’m now 0-2 in lottery attempts for this race. Within the confines of my apartment, Mt. Washington has been stripped of its mountain status. It will now be known as ‘That Hill That Snubbed Me’, but is eligible to appeal in one year. I’ve always wanted to feud with an inanimate object, ever since I saw this:

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 10.51.31 AM

I guess I can cross another one off of the bucket list. Yeah, I know, it’s a lottery. It’s dumb luck and there’s nothing I can do about that aspect of it. What can I say? I just enjoy ranting. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next year.

Saturday Mar. 16th: Goal was to get up early and get in a quick run before heading out the door to Holyoke to cover that 10k for Level Renner. Ended up staying up late trying in vain to sort through some gear issues, which carried over into the morning. Rushed back and then headed out the door to get to wedding. No rest for the weary, no running for the busy.

Sunday Mar. 17th: Up even earlier and out the door to New Bedford to cover that race for Level Renner. It was a hectic day filled with burst of running. I got some video of the start, then hoofed it over to Mile 5. Running in jeans and a pea coat while carrying a heavy camera absolutely blows. I ended up running with Sam Wood…sort of. He pulled up next to me on a bike (lucky bastard!) and leisurely peddled his way over. It was 1.2 miles per my watch and we covered it in just under 18 minutes (probably jogged half the distance). Oh, and I had to sprint (while tweeting out video) from the McDonald’s to the finish line in a futile attempt to get Kevin Johnson crossing the line.

I did get a proper run in later. It was a brief but momentous cool down with Gorman, Goupil, Hammett and Johnson. Not sure how far they went, but I only did 1.2 mi with them (in 11:37). I foolishly thought I had to be back to cover the awards ceremony, but that didn’t quite work out as planned. Oh well, it was nice to run with people (albeit briefly) for the first time since early 2012.

Summary: Steps forward, steps back. Some progress was made, and the run of bad luck seems to continue.


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