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A Fox news station in St. Louis covered a No Pants MetroLink Ride back in January. Now I only just saw this yesterday when it showed up as a side headline on some other story I was reading. I always assume that those side links are current, but quite often that are pretty old. Anyway, they do those pantless rides here in Boston and it can be interesting to see what people do for that.

In the couple of other galleries that I’ve seen related to stunts like this, I got the impression that it was an actual photographer behind the camera and they were just looking to capture the moment. Sure you’ll see some skin (there aren’t any pants involved!!!), but it seemed like it was all in good fun and there were attempts to keep it classy.

With this event, there appears to have been no attempt at all to keep it classy. Not that I’m offended or anything like that. I’m mainly just pretty surprised that what I imagine to be a major news source (locally at least) is all over this. But you have to keep in mind that without their lack of judgment we wouldn’t have this amazing Photo of the Day (circled head and dotted lines added for illustration purposes):

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 5.20.50 PM

Man oh man, what lessons have we learned from this? In general, it’s just good practice to not leer at people. It’s even better practice to not be around when shit shows like this are going down since appearing in the background of any of these photos is a terrible idea. It’s an even worse idea to be documented for the ages with your eyes burning a hole in some girl’s undies. Come on, it looks like a still shot from the beginning of a porn flick: two half naked women standing at a bar while a guy creepily stares at their asses from a few feet away. Cue the cheesy dialogue: “Can I get you ladies a Penis Colada?” Cue the awful music. Cut, print, classic. This made it by the news editor?

The whole thing comes across as a mash-up of Girls Gone Wild and The Vag-tastic Voyage (or whatever the title was of the porn they were watching in Superbad). If you look through the pics you can see that Pantsless Captain Morgan was quite popular and from the looks of things he’ll probably wake up with more than just a raging case of scurvy. Some of the other pics just seem so bad that I can actually hear the photographer edging people on to show more skin or pose more seductively. “Hey Captain Morgan, grab both those girls asses, this for the evening news dammit!”

Stay classy, St. Louis.


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