Training Log: 03/04/13 – 03/10/13

Monday Mar. 4th: Had my follow up with my hip surgeon (Dr. Kocher). Ran to Govt Center, approx .9 mi in 6:56. Rode the D line to Longwood and ran from there (another 3 mins or so). Check up was good. It looks like I have some tendonitis in the hip area (front and outside). Got clearance to ramp things up. Ran home. Well, ran and walked. It was almost 5 miles to get back, and I made it a whopping 3.3 miles before I had to stop and walk for the first time. Splits: 7:51, 8:15, 8:06, 2:34.

Tuesday Mar. 5thoff. Things just didn’t go according to plan.

Wednesday Mar. 6thRan 2 mi in 15:29 on the way to the pool. The first 1.3 were on the treadmill due to the weather (8:21 and 2:20 for the .3), then the final .7 in 4:48 on the way to the pool. In the water, continued warm up with another 6 mins of aqua jogging, followed by a 6-5-4-3-2-1 progression ladder (in minutes), with 90 sec rest. Cooldown for a few minutes after, for a total of 40 mins of aqua jogging. Ran home a little longer, but in a peppy 6:49. Climbed the full hill, starting on Bunker Hill St and passing by the monument. Felt good doing it.

The Manatee was back today. I did not run afoul of this rare sea sloth, but just seeing her was enough to annoy me. It’s not like I’m picking on her just because she’s big, in case you were wondering (or just forgot the origin of it all). She swims very slowly and has these weird swimming glove things that give her the appearance of having flippers. It all adds up to a very manatee-like appearance, which I started teeing off on once she gave me some attitude.

Thursday Mar. 7th: Side shuffle, forward/back strides, lunges w/weight, front & back planks, hamstring bridge – ball, marching, hold. 104 pushups in 3 mins.

Later, ran 2 mi on the treadmill (8:21, 7:56) then ran .7 mi over to the pool in a club record (4:41). At the pool I did 36 mins of aqua jogging. After a 6 min warm up, I did 5 x 4 mins, with 2 mins rest. Cooled down for about 3 mins, then ran home. The run home was my new usual way, going up The Hill by the monument, which I covered in 6:31.

Friday Mar. 8th: On the treadmill for two miles, in 15:48. Also threw in some strength stuff. Highlight of the day was this:

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 1.22.46 PM
That’s right, I signed up for the Mt. Washington Road Race. Yup. Now that it’s out there, assuming I can make it through the lottery, I finally have a firm goal to work towards.

Saturday Mar. 9th: Off. Got about 4 hrs of sleep last night. Not a crazy night at the C’s game last night, but developed another case of the late night wheezies and couldn’t breathe. No breathing usually means no sleeping, and my poor wife suffered as well.

Sunday Mar. 10th: Off. Was at the Paddy’s 5 Miler learning the ins & outs of race timing with RaceMenu. It was an early morning after a late night of partying it up Whirlaway-style. Back to back nights of four hours of sleep damn near killed me.

Summary: Good week. Last week’s log was awful and I’m glad that this one is ready to be published so soon after putting that other garbage up yesterday. For the first time in a while I’m feeling hopeful. Although the week ended on a whimper I’m still confident that I’m entering an upswing after spending the last God-knows-how-long building momentum.

With something on the calendar (potentially) perhaps I can finally escape this cycle of mini-bursts of motivation followed by a rut. With any luck I’ll soon be able to get me one of these:

Side note: as if it wasn’t creepy enough that I was standing there in the parking lot taking a pic of someone’s car, my shadow makes it that much worse. It looms over the whole shot giving it that extra level of creepiness that you come to expect here.

Anyway, time to get into a groove and rise from the ashes like a phoenix…one with slightly less cartilage in its left hip socket.


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2 responses to “Training Log: 03/04/13 – 03/10/13”

  1. kellydomara says :

    One time, for work, I had to go around and take pictures of people’s bumper stickers. Yes, you can imagine how much people love seeing some weirdo crouching around behind their cars taking pictures.

    Also, I really want to do Mt. Washington, I think.

    • ejnshow says :

      Me too, I think. I’m hoping I can physically handle it by the time it comes around. I’m confident I’ll be back, but will be nervous about it until that time comes.

      Yeah, I don’t know if I could handle taking too many bumper sticker shots. I can only imagine how awkward it would be if the vehicle owner came out and was like “what are you doing?”.

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