Training Log: 02/18/13 – 02/24/13

Monday Feb. 18th: start at 7:06. Push-ups: 50, then 3 mi on treadmill in 24:07. Banged out 3 sets of 30 push ups, with lunges and planks in between. Followed up with a set of 20 push ups, which was supposed to be the first of three sets of twenty, but then banged out the last 40 in one set. That’s 200 total. Boom. Got in some hamstring bridges before that last set of 40.

Tuesday Feb. 19th: Travel day. Add another to the book of poor excuses I’m writing.

Wednesday Feb. 20th: Watched The Amazing Spiderman and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Ate a lot. The carbo loading for the marathon I’m not running continues.

Thursday Feb. 21st: Snowshoeing, Whitaker Woods. All that time spent in North Conway over the years and I had no idea these trails were there under my nose the whole time. Hopefully I’ll have my own snowshoes for next winter. My aunt and uncle (Josie and Paul) have a place right down the street from where we stay, and Paul likes his toys. He pretty much has enough outdoor gear to open up his own shop. Not only did he have the snowshoes for my wife and I to use, but he also had extra gloves, poles and just about whatever else is needed. My wife and I shoed around the woods with Paul for just over an hour and loved it. Can’t wait to do it again. Also can’t wait to try actual snowshoe running.

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Friday Feb. 22nd: Snowshoeing, Ragged Mountain Trail. Met up with Paul again, this time a few miles down the road. We did another hour this morning, but that wasn’t the story of the day.

The story of the day was the service we got at breakfast. My wife orders cranberry juice and I get orange, the waitress brings us both orange. I order coffee and she orders tea, we both get coffee. My wife orders white toast and gets wheat. At this point it’s starting to look like the waitress just plain hates my wife for some reason. It’s not even like they were busy. Waitress comes around and asks if we’d like more coffee and I say yes and also request more cream. Waitress moves away as if she’s going to get us more cream, but then hesitates and comes back to pour the coffee. She tips to pour, but her pot is empty. Was she asking me if I wanted more coffee or was she asking herself? We’ll never know. She then disappears to get a full pot and more cream. Any of those events separately isn’t much of anything. Combine them all into one meal and it was amazing to watch. I feel bad for my wife, who got sort of the opposite of everything she ordered.

I don’t want to call out the place or the server by name, especially since a certain Fight Club reference comes to mind (shortened): “We’re the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. . . So don’t fuck with us.”

Saturday Feb. 23rd: I thought about working out several times, but never did. Ventured over to Market Basket, and that place is a lot like Thunderdome, so you bet your ass I’m considering it a workout. Two men enter, one man leaves isn’t just a quote from an 80’s movie, it’s in the corporate charter of Market Basket. If you stood outside and kept track I’m pretty sure you’d see that only half the people that entered would actually leave. The half that doesn’t make it out either gets sucked into working there or trapped under a collapsed display somewhere in the middle aisles. That’s why the parking lot is always so damn full. My wife and I fought off Master Blaster for a bag of Honey Nut Tasteeos and emerged victorious, but we both knew it’d take some time to recover from that battle.

Sunday Feb. 24th: Recovered from said battle.

Summary: Oh man, what a shit week (workout wise). To distract you from my lack of production, here are some random pop culture thoughts: I know I’m a couple of weeks late on this one, but what have they done to Community and why are they still forcing us to watch it? It’s bad…really bad. It’s like a rogue group of NBC executives abducted a loved one, gave them a lobotomy and then returned them to us, insisting that they were just as well even though they were now drooling uncontrollably. They most certainly are not! I know I might be a couple of years late on this one, but Bob’s Burgers is amazing. I’m fully enjoying it and can’t get enough of it. My brain can’t grasp that H. Jon Benjamin is voicing the main character on two of the funniest shows (Archer being the other, if you’re scoring at home) on TV. Had I been on to Bob’s Burgers before the election I may have written Benjamin in as my vote.


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