You Think Your Luck is Bad?

Remember seeing something about an asteroid passing close to Earth today?

“And now comes 2012 DA14, a rock the size of an apartment building that on Friday will buzz the Earth at a distance of about 17,200 miles. It poses no hazard. It won’t generate the slightest breeze or disturb a single mote of dust meandering in a sunbeam.”

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 12.20.10 PM
Just when you let your guard down and think it’s safe to go outside: BOOM! You get a meteorite to the face. In Chelyabinsk region of Russia earlier today a large meteorite came crashing through the atmosphere and exploded above the city, injury more than a 1,000 people.

Imagine this scenario: some people in Russia heard about the asteroid that was passing very close to Earth today, but they were reassured that there’s no chance that it’ll collide with us. On that very same day that said asteroid passes by, a meteorite explodes over their city hurting more than 1,000 people in the process. How shitty is your luck if you’re thinking ‘ah, I don’t have to worry about a rock from outer space hitting me today‘ right before you get hit by a different rock from outer space? As far as I know, nobody actually got hit by it, but let’s not split hairs. It was still too close of a call and a very, very strange coincidence.

Or was it? Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? This sounds eerily like the plot of Armageddon. I have a feeling that somewhere Bruce Willis is chasing Ben Affleck around an oil rig. Quick, someone get Michael Bay and Aerosmith on the phone, we’re going to need everyone who worked on that movie if we’re going to have any chance of survival. Oh wait, Michael Clark Duncan is dead. Shit! We’re all screwed.

As far as I’ve seen, nobody was killed, but a lot of people were injured (mainly from flying glass). The timing of this just seems too incredible to be true. Lesson learned: don’t walk around thinking ‘at least I’m safe from that asteroid today‘ because I guess it increases your chances of being drilled by another piece of cosmic debris.


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