Push-Up Project: Day Three

Went with a new strategy: sets of 10 push ups with 10 seconds rest. I was up against it at the end: sitting at 80 push ups with only 16 seconds left, I powered through for a final set of 14.

I know that’s a lot of math there, but here’s what it all means: a new personal record of 94. I think BOOMSHOCKALAKALAKALAKA is appropriate for the occasion.

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I went with the gallery for today’s pictures because a.) unless I’m doing push-ups in a different or exotic location each time, it’s basically the same pic anyway and b.) if you move the pics fast enough it has that flip book kind of effect. Why post video when you can just do that? My wife will be the foremost expert in push-up photography before long.

Here’s a summary of my progress so far:

Day 1: 90

Day 2: 80

Day 3: 94

For further analysis on my Day 3 approach, I think 10 may be too small of a set. It’s just not as efficient for this brief amount of time. There’s too much time spent resting. I did nine sets of push ups, that means eight rest intervals for a total of roughly 80 seconds of nothing. That leaves only about 100 seconds for push ups. I was quite efficient to bang out 94 in those 100 seconds.

I may switch to sets of 15 for Day 4.

In other news, Happy Valentines Day! My special Valentines Day post went up yesterday to give any people caught in a jam some last second advice. If you see a FedEx drive today, give him (or her) a hug. They are heroes (read the post to find out why). For anybody wondering, I didn’t post that story out of any lingering bitterness. It was just a completely ridiculous series of events and my ridiculous mind loves to turn those into a ridiculous story.

How could I be bitter about it anyway? What happens to us in the past put us on the course for where we are today. Even the shitty stuff happens for a reason, and I’m confident that it’s all happening on The Path to Bigger and Better Things. I can look back and see that the unpleasant experiences in past relationships put me on the path to eventually meeting my wife, and I couldn’t be happier now. With an end result like that, how can I complain?

With that in mind I can’t help but have the same outlook for my current employment woes. It’s rough, but I’m confident I’m on the path to landing a job that I’ll truly be happy with.

How did we get from push-ups to this? Well in closing I’ll leave you with some sage advice that I put up on Facebook for Level Renner today:

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 11.47.55 AM


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4 responses to “Push-Up Project: Day Three”

  1. @creamachine says :

    Your post inspired me to also try this challenge. In a world where I cannot run in yet this is what I live for. I did 3 sets of 30 (with no particular rest just relatively short rest. Then just banged out as many sets of 10 as I could. I’m pretty sure I was at 100 at about 20 minutes. Finished with a total of 124. Just an approach to try out since 25-30 seemed to be efficient for reps and time with the ability to recover decently.

    • ejnshow says :

      Interesting. First, are you saying you got in 124 sets of 10?

      I thought about sets of 30 but didn’t think I’d be able to get much more that 90-100 that way. Before I actually tried this, three minutes sounded like plenty of time but after going through with it that doesn’t seem like much time at all.

      Sorry to hear that your injury situation hasn’t improved.

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