Push-Up Project: Day Two

It’s a new day, so I took a new approach to it. Goal was to break my 3 min total of 90 from Day One, and I was going ‘scorched earth’ on this attempt. That simply meant get as many as I could in the first set, take max rest in the middle, then scavenge whatever I could in the remaining time afterwards.

I hit 40 with no problem but felt I was tiring too much at 50 to keep pressing. Every second is valuable, so it would do me any good to push through to get 60 when the last ten might take twenty seconds. That’s a lot of time considering I was able to rip out the first 50 in only 54 seconds.

From :54 to 2:00 I rested, then got back at it. Sort of. Good Lord, my muscles were screaming at me! I only got another ten in before I needed some rest. Without the benefit of much time left on the clock I had to get back at it again quickly and only mustered another meager ten…and then another ten.

Final tally: 80. Wow, so I guess the ‘scorched earth’ approach doesn’t work.

A big step back. Might as well be sleeping, which I may be doing here.

A big step back. Might as well be sleeping, which I may be doing here.

Now my goal was to attempt this twice a day for a five day stretch this week. I’m not so sure how that’s going to work since I’ll be aqua jogging in the later afternoon/early evening. If I tire out my upper body before getting in the pool then I risk drowning (or taking in more mouthfuls of foul pool water, which may be worse than drowning). There’s no way I can do attempt it after aqua jogging. It’s hard to do A push-up after 45-60 mins of hard pool running.

Maybe it’s for the best that I only attempt this once a day. After all, I’m a runner and don’t want to develop my upper body too much. If I do too many push-ups then I might need a sports bra to keep my ridiculously large pecs from bouncing around uncomfortably on my next twenty miler. That scenario must be avoided at all costs.


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4 responses to “Push-Up Project: Day Two”

  1. Muddy Puddin' says :

    Let ’em bounce away man! Pectosaurus Rex!

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