Training Log: 01/28/13 – 02/03/13, Pt. II

Thursday Jan. 31st: There I was, sitting at my desk and minding my own business when it happened. At first it sounded like a slow creaking noise, but before I could figure out what was happening, it escalated. There was the sharp cracking sound of a piece of wood culminating with the sensation of something shifting underneath me. I hopped up off of the chair thinking it was about to collapse. Looking down on it I could see the damage was fairly minimal, but the message was the same: my ass was pushing all sorts of limits. Had I not taken yesterday off, if only I had burned a few extra calories, then perhaps this could’ve been avoided.

With the extra motivation to stop destroying furniture, I made it over to the pool. I ran there in 4:58 (new record!) and then did 45 mins of continuous aqua jogging. Again, no flotation aid whatsoever, besides my Nutty Professor-sized ass is all the buoyancy I need these days. Workout was 8 x 2 mins w/ 60 seconds rest. This was broken into two sets of four, and in between those sets I took 3 min of recovery. Pretty uneventful. I got there late enough where the ladies were just about done with the deep end (plus this class was much smaller). It felt okay, but I think I had trouble properly pacing. I kept fluctuating between going too hard and possibly going too easy. By the end I had a better sense of pace. Ran home the Pool+ way in 7:31.

Friday Feb. 1st: I knew that time would be tight today and that the pool possibly wouldn’t be an option. Luckily the reasons for that were workout related anyway. The first reason: tabata. I do some blogging for my gym and for this current piece I wanted to find out what all the tabata fuss was all about.

I ran to the gym, getting there just in time for the tabata class (1.2-ish mi in 9:59). After a quick word with the instructor, I settled in for the madness among the eight female participants. Class was 45 mins of torture, mental and physical. The physical aspect of it was pretty obvious: a lot of that stuff wasn’t exactly someone in my post-surgical condition should be doing. The mental aspect was mainly due to the woman I was tabatting next to (note: if that’s not a word, then it should be, and I’ll gladly take credit). She was killing the workout, the only woman in the class to do so. I would’ve been fine with my limitations had I not been next to such an animal. Afterwards, I cautiously ran/walked home (10:58).

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A couple of hours later I was testing out an Alter G with Level crew at Fitzgerald PT. It wasn’t exactly a workout, but it was a cool experience. There will be more on this to come on the Level website. I put in about 1.3 miles and got down to as fast 6 min pace. That felt much worse than I thought, even though it was at like 60% body weight. It was more the range of motion that felt restricted and not the impact, so I guess that’s to be expected. Looking forward to getting back into the pool.

Saturday Feb. 2nd: off

Sunday Feb. 3rd: off

Summary: The limited pool weekend hours (only open 1 hr on Saturday and closed on Sunday), along with my residual soreness from Friday compelled me to take the weekend off. Plus, I’m a diehard Niner fan and I had a Super Bowl to get ready for.

As we know now, the Ravens won (sadly). The 49ers came out flat, and I saw it right away. I knew they needed help so I called in a favor to Beyoncé. I said “Beyoncé, you owe me one. Now, sometime during the course of your non-singing, I want you to rig the power to go out just after halftime.” Most people don’t know that she’s an expert electrician, and she was able to make it happen.

Just as a I planned, the Niners stormed right back and made it a Classic. Here are some closing thoughts on the Big Game:

Chris Culliver, if you’re going to come out to the world as bigot right before entering the biggest stage in your sport, you’re only making things worse on yourself if play like shit too. Didn’t you know that winners can get away with most anything? Just look at Ray Lewis as a prime example. So Culliver blew his reputation before the game (and that’s putting it kindly), then he blew coverages left and right during the game.

Ray Lewis, please disappear. You are a fraud. I find so much of his religious ranting to be insincere and hypocritical. I could go into detail about my reasoning, but that would take us way off topic here.

Randy Moss, a little more effort please. You actually have to raise your arms to qualify for alligator arms. You don’t deserve a ring.

Refs, how can you not throw a flag on that 4th down pass attempt in the end zone? And not one flag during the team-wide holding session during the punt a few plays later? Crazy. Absolutely crazy. It shouldn’t have come to that though, since upon further analysis the Niners play calling was pretty bad often enough. Which leads me to…

Jim Harbaugh/Greg Roman, what were you thinking with that play calling? Haloti Ngata leaves the game, and you didn’t attack the middle in key spots during his absence. You should’ve went for it on 4 & 2 after the Ravens got called for running into the kicker. The FG wasn’t aggressive enough. You should’ve went for two earlier than you did. Three straight passes to Crabtree in the end zone when Ngata is out and you have a running game that’s killing it?

Ah…they can’t win them all. At least they made it a competitive game. Congrats to the Ravens, except for Ray Lewis and T-Sizzle. Those guys are obnoxious.


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