Training Log: 01/28/13 – 02/03/13, Pt. I

Monday Jan. 28th: Great start to the week! AM: Two non-stop miles on the treadmill in 16:27. Threw in some push ups, lunges, bird dogs and single leg wall squats. PM: Ran to the pool in 5:13 (new record!), but noticed something was amiss on the way. In my haste, I think I popped my contacts into the wrong eyes and my vision was off. Uh oh. First aqua jogging session in some time. This one was 45 mins in length and the plan was 10 x 90 second intervals with 60 seconds rest. After just over 20 mins of warm up, I got into it. I felt a twinge in my left hip/groin area during #6. That’s the surgical side, and I took notice. Number 7 ended up being a bit of a struggle so I pulled the plug, sort of. Instead of canning it, I did another 4.5 min interval at a much less intense rate than the 90 second intervals. In total, I still put in my 15 mins of quality time. Only a minute of cool down junk time was needed to get to 45 mins, then I was on my way. Ran home in 7:20 (the extended Pool+ way). Being the glutton for pain that I am, I stopped in my building’s gym and did a set of front and side planks. Boom.

Tuesday Jan. 29th:
Did a combo run/walk to and from the unemployment office (approx. 2 mi roundtrip), then walked to/from the Puma office by Haymarket later on (another approx. 2 mi roundtrip). That’s a lot of mileage for these legs lately. Was still able to convince myself to hit the pool later, and I did a run/walk combo to get there (mostly running). Almost didn’t go because I thought I missed my window of opportunity; I got there at 6:45 and they supposedly shut it down for some aqua aerobics class at 7:00. They didn’t kick me out and I thought I’d have the deep end to myself for my hour of aqua jogging. Wrong! I turned around at one point to see the class participants slowly advancing towards me, lined clear across the pool, in a classic attack formation. Shit! It was the aqua aerobics equivalent of the Steel Curtain bearing down on me. Much to my surprise they weren’t just doing a lap but relocating to my end. I did my best to stay out of their way but one old lady was roaming the waters like some mermaid Ed Reed, just playing free safety and blocking my path. I would adjust and get myself a new zone to wander, then she’d shift again and I’d once again be blocked. I felt like some type of Roomba, quietly working the confines of my area. I’m not sure working a Roomba reference in to this football analogy works. It might help if you take acid before reading this. Anyway, I completed my aqua long run without any other incident and then ran/walked home.

Wednesday Jan. 30th: Off. Just one of those days where you wish you stayed in bed, and it might’ve been more productive had I done that. Besides, it’s not like my weight is becoming an issue. Foreshadowing….

Summary: The encouragement I’ve been getting lately is much appreciated. I do consider myself a social being and my current situation has cut me off from a lot of in-person social interaction. I miss being part of a team and can’t wait to line up with the guys again. Anyway, as far as training goes, the fire burns brighter every day. There was that little bit of a scare Monday night, and it’s even an exaggeration to call it a scare. I was healthy enough to battle the elderly aquatic Steel Curtain the very next night. To be continued in Pt. II.


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2 responses to “Training Log: 01/28/13 – 02/03/13, Pt. I”

  1. kevbalance says :

    Looks like you’re getting back at it. Love the steel curtain line.

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