Fun With iPhone 5

As you might’ve noticed already, I like my Charlestown neighborhood. I tend to snap off pics of certain views or whatever just so happens to be catching my attention. Since I’ve been spending an unnatural amount of time within 02129 lately, I’m guessing about half of my pictures have been Charlestown related (with the other half being race related).

Needless to say I was excited when I got the iPhone 5. I had the 4 for a couple of years and could use the camera upgrade. The tech geeks might come out of the woodwork for this one to tell me what’s wrong with the 5’s camera, or tell me what other phones offer a better one, but I’m pleased with this one. The jump up from 5 mp’s to 8 is quite nice. Having a working flash again could come in handy, and being able to capture still shots while recording video will be quite useful on race day. The panorama feature is a completely new toy for me so I went up to the ultimate testing ground: my building’s Dome.

After a couple of test shots, I put it square in the middle of a window pane and rotated it to get a panoramic view of Boston. This one is looking out towards the Zakim Bridge and the Garden:


and this one is looking out the other way, towards the Bunker Hill monument:

I’m not sure exactly of what’s causing it (the way it captures the panorama or just the proximity of the window?), but there’s a cool fish eye effect to it. My procrastination that day paid off, which meant I ended up testing this out just before sunset. I think that especially in the cityscape shot of Boston, the lighting and the fish eye just make for a real cool looking shot.

The window panes themselves aren’t that big and I think the one thing that sort of spoils the view up there is having those wooden frames in your field of vision. In these shots it almost looks like you’re looking out of a big picture window.

Of course, much like any other camera, it’s not immune to taking terrible shots. Case in point:

IMG_1181This was a train wreck. Can you guess who the two guys in this picture are? Once I went through the seven stages of grief, I guessed that it was Drew Bledsoe and Evil Knievel. It turns out that it’s me (on the right) with Alberto Salazar. WTF?!

I was there, right by the start/finish, for Rupp’s record attempt in Boston this past Saturday. After the race I noticed how surprisingly approachable Salazar was so I asked him for a picture (after giving him a Level Renner business card, of course). I hate doing stuff like this. I just can’t help but feel like I’m bothering people and am afraid I’ll come across like an excited pre-teen girl waiting to meet Bieber. Basically what I’m saying is I give myself one shot. This guy standing by offered to take it and he said ‘all set’. This is his idea of all set. He blew it. Oh man, did he blow it. He blew it so hard that he could’ve inflated a hot air balloon with his lungs.

Maybe I’ll print it out and frame it anyway. It’s a conversation starter. ‘Who painted this abstract work?’, they’ll ask. I’ll reply: ‘Oh it’s not a painting, it’s a terrible photograph of two legends.’ It’s not exactly clear enough to confirm or contradict my story anyway. In a way it’s fitting that it’s blurry and unfocused. This way it serves as a nice teaser for the rest of my story for that day, which until I tell it, will be a little unclear. More to come later.


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