Training Log: 01/14/13 – 01/20/13

Monday Jan. 14th: After struggling with some intestinal distress that came on out of nowhere, I decided to go to the pool anyway. Had I thought there was a good chance of leaving a Baby Ruth in the deep end, I would’ve stayed at home. As is the ritual lately, I ran to the pool in 5:24 (a new record?). The plan was 50 mins of continuous aqua jogging with 5 x 4 min intervals (90 sec rest) built in. I got there too late to carry it all out and the pool closed 42 mins into my workout. Dammit! I was only able to get in 4 x 4 mins, but that is still pretty solid. I ran home a slightly longer way (7:50) and felt good in the process. The intestinal distress ramped up when I got home. I think the stress of my unemployed status is tearing apart my insides.

Tuesday Jan. 15th: Off. I woke up this morning, went to the bathroom then went back to bed. An hour later I got up for good and I felt a stabbing pain in the area of my surgically repaired hip immediately as I stepped out of bed. It’s been tight and a little painful all day. My worry for this is off the charts. I felt no pain (or hint of pain) last night. It’s so bad that I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t workout again for the rest of the week.

Wednesday Jan. 16th: Off. Pain was less severe but still there. By Wednesday it was more like an intense tightness in the area.

Thursday Jan. 17th: Off. By Thursday night it grew worse and it hurt to put weight on it at times.

Friday Jan. 18th: Off. Just like that it seemed better. I ran/walked the 1.5ish miles to meet some friends for lunch. It felt okay so I may be out of the woods on this scare.

Saturday Jan. 19th: Off. There was only a one hour window for aqua jogging anyway and I was still hesitant. I had to go by my friend Chad’s to pick up some tools and I ran the whole way there. It was at least a half mile and included a solid uphill (Green St). No complaints so I think I’m ready to roll for next week.

Early portion of the Level Renner 3k. Eventual winner Dan Kramer hangs back waiting for his chance.

Early portion of the Level Renner 3k. Eventual winner Dan Kramer (green singlet, #342) hangs back waiting for his chance.

Sunday Jan. 20th: Off. Covered the GBTC Invitational, which featured the Level Renner 3k, in the morning/early afternoon and then it was all football and eating late afternoon and into the evening.

Summary: Cracking up: The Story of How I Tore A Second Crack in my Ass. That could the title of this week’s activity. The “trauma” suffered Tuesday morning is so bizarre and a little concerning. I seem to be through it now so perhaps it was only just that ‘one step back’ that you hear so much about after I had taken so many steps forward. There must be scar tissue built up in the area so I guess it’s possible that I broke up some of that just by stepping out of bed. I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things now with my sights still set on being able to complete that 10 mile race at the end of February.

It had all the makings for a pretty shitty mainly week due to the lack of physical activity. However, ending the week with the hip feeling better, watching the first Level Renner sponsored event and then capping it all off by watching the 49ers advance to the Super Bowl had me experiencing more positive emotions about where things were headed.


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3 responses to “Training Log: 01/14/13 – 01/20/13”

  1. kevbalance says :

    I’m glad that scare didn’t get worse. I’ve heard with that injury doing the PT work (stretches/exercises) is imperative. Can’t wait til your racing again.

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