Training Log: 01/07/13 – 01/13/13


Monday Jan. 7th: Back in the water for a solid 45 minute session. Started off with a 15 min warm up, then 3 x 4 mins with 60 seconds rest. Sleep has been real rough to come by lately, not sure why. Schedule for the day was messed up and having a meeting on the docket last night didn’t help. Didn’t get in any supplementary hip/core work. Run/walk the .7 mi each way.

Tuesday Jan. 8th: Another 45 minutes in the water. I was pretty thirsty today but that thirst had to wait until I got home. Water water everywhere, but you can’t drink it or pee in it. Somehow I get the feeling that some of the people using that pool don’t abide by those two rules. Anyway, after a 15 min warm up I went right into 5 x 3 min with 90 seconds rest. I felt like maybe I could’ve worked yesterday’s harder so I really made today’s session hurt. It’s hard to gauge pacing in the pool, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. Cooled down with 8-9 mins of easy aqua yogging. Run/walk the .7 mi each way. Also did random core stuff throughout the day.

Wednesday Jan. 9th: You guessed it…45 mins in the pool. I didn’t want to kill it three days in a row so I took it real easy and just aqua jogged. Some core/strength work done throughout the day. Usual running to/from the gym, only it was much better on the way home. I pushed it a bit more and ended up running pretty much the whole way. I just about only walked down Green St (real steep), but ran all the way to that point and then the rest of the way home. Progress…makin’ it.

In other news I was approached to be in a photo shoot this coming Saturday. Does that mean I’m about to enter the modeling world? I better brush up on my skills. Between now and then I’m going to have to watch Zoolander and the America’s Next Top Paddy’s Billboard Model Contest episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Everything I’ll need to know should be in there. The big question is: Magnum or Blue Steel?

Thursday Jan. 10th: Ran to the pool. That’s right…ran to the pool. It’s about .7 mi and only took me 5:41. I wasn’t pushing it, it felt quite sluggish but good overall. At the pool, here’s what went down: 45 mins of continuous (as always) aqua jogging. The first 15 mins was the warm up then I went right into a ladder-type workout. I did 5-4-3-2-1 (mins) with 90 secs rest. Remaining time left was used for a cool down. For the first 15 mins I was alone in the six-lap pool, then another guy came in to use Lap 6. Sure as shit The Manatee flopped into the water. The courteous thing for her to do would be to use Lap 1 or Lap 5, but instead she chose to use Lap 4, and  meandered drunkenly between lanes 3 and 5.  It really pissed me off. With so few people in the pool it’s easy to maximize space for each person, and she f’d it all up. Oh Manatee, I don’t look forward to battling you and your space hog ways. Ran home in 6:39, but that included having to walk down the steep Green St (1:49 worth of walking). For the record I ran up on the way there.

Friday Jan. 11th: Ran to the pool (.7 mi in 5:35). Since I put in 45 mins in the pool each day over the last four days I decided to scale it back a bit tonight. It would only be a 30 min session, but the plan was to make it hurt. I did a ten minute warm-up then went into 3 x 4:00 w/ 90 sec rest. It was a tad harder than appeared. Each 4 min interval was comprised of a hard initial 3 mins and fast & furious final 60 seconds. Oh, it was furious. This workout hurt. Local pool legend Allison McCabe was in attendance but she was working out on the other side of the pool. Any communication was awkwardly loud so we couldn’t talk much. I was happy to see her there instead of my nemesis, The Manatee. I ran home a slightly longer way, covering the distance (I’m guessing .75-.8 mi, maybe?) in 6:37. I chose a path with a less severe decent from the monument, so  it was all continuous.

Saturday Jan. 12th: Off. I felt I really needed the rest since I put in arguably my best week of work in a long time. It wasn’t totally rest though, since I was lucky enough to be the subject of a photo shoot with Josh Campbell (of Josh Campbell Photography). Who would’ve thought that’d be work? I did more running during this than I have in longer than I can remember. It was all in short bursts and mostly up and down an incline. More on this coming soon, including the final pics. I feel weird bragging about pictures featuring me but people seem to like them. Josh does great work.

Sunday Jan. 13th: Off. Completely off.

Summary: This whole time I’ve been aqua jogging I have forgotten to mention that it’s all continuous and without any flotation aid whatsoever. The only flotation assistance I have is from the layer of fat I’ve added since I stopped running. Once I burn off this lazy lifejacket I’ll really be on my own. In total, 3.5 hours of aqua jogging this week. That’s a huge improvement over the prior week. I also stopped pussyfooting around the running topic a bit and just went for it (to and from the pool at least). I have the clearance so I need to start building up to actual measurable runs. The signs (by the pool) are looming over everything I do as a stark reminder of how I’m spending my time and what I’ve been missing. It’s motivating and annoying at the same time.


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