Training Log: 12/31/12 – 01/06/13

Monday Dec. 31st: Off

Tuesday Jan. 1st: Off. We did see Django Unchained, so all in all it was a productive day. Loved the movie (does Tarantino every disappoint?), but didn’t like a lot of what I saw in the theater. That is definitely not a movie for kids, yet there were too many children under the age of ten in attendance. Quite possibly the worst thing in the theater was this woman’s monster of a head.

This was a modern theater with stadium-style seating and also the first time in as long as I can remember where I struggled to see over someone’s head…wtf? Luckily she slouched down for most of the flick. To make it worse, she had a very young child with her. I guess that huge head wasn’t filled with good ideas.

Wednesday Jan. 2nd: 30 mins in the pool, micro workouts here and there during the day (hip/core work).

Thursday Jan. 3rd: 40 mins in the pool, with 5 x “800” (“400” rest). Micro workouts during the day, involving core and hip strengthening stuff. Still no watch, so the “800” intervals were two laps around the area that I was aqua jogging through. D-bag alert: So there were three swimming lanes set up, taking up half of the pool. The other half of the pool was wide open, and since I can only workout in the deep end, I was looping the entire area open to me. There was hardly anyone there so this wasn’t a problem…until the manatee got in the water. This beast of a woman wanted to swim laps in the open area, even though there was a completely open lap lane. She even gave me a little bit of attitude when she not-so-subtley suggested that I stay out of her way.

Friday Jan. 4th: Off, but did some core work in the morning.

Saturday Jan. 5th: 45 mins in the pool. 10 mins w/u, 12 x 1 min hard, broken up into sets of 4. 1 min rest after each interval, 2 min rest in between sets. I finally got a new battery for my watch so now I can do more formally structured pool work. Lots of kids there today, way more than usual. They stayed out of my way for the most part so I can’t complain. The weird thing was they started eating pizza near the end of their session. It smelled and looked so good. Ever have to nail a workout while seeing/smelling pizza? What a bleepin’ tease. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. When I’m out running I’m never in one spot long enough to really dwell too much on any food I might see. Here I am in the pool, tired and hungry and with that terrible chlorine taste in my mouth…and I’m stuck watching people enjoy pizza. Not just eating it…enjoying it. But the important thing is, I got it done!

Sunday Jan. 6th: Off. No pool hours today. I did eat a lot of bacon though. That has to count for something…right?

Summary: Still struggling to get into a routine. Had some hip pain flare up that scared me in all honesty. I’m still hesitant about doing too much too soon. I have a huge tendency to go too hard. I love working out and don’t mind punishing myself. Because of that I know I have to be careful in coming back from this surgery. I’m okay with taking the conservative approach here since this is all new territory to me. In total, 115 minutes of pool running. Not terrible, but I’ll take it considering two of the four days I missed were days where the pool was closed (12/31 and 1/6). Still, plenty of improvement to be made. One thing I neglected to include was that for each of the pool days, I made my way over to the pool by a combination of walking and running. It’s about .7 mi each way, and I think I end up running a little more than half of it. I feel sluggish, but not too shabby doing it. I’ll run the uphills, but don’t feel strong enough to attempt any downhill running just yet.


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3 responses to “Training Log: 12/31/12 – 01/06/13”

  1. Robert Cipriano says :

    Good stuff…love the manatee scene…been there before a few times…I’ve run 4x since Mill Cities prob <12 miles Mr Plantar f'ingitis caught up to me will be hitting pool soon hopefully won't encounter any big fish…good luck getting back to stride !

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